the JOURNEY of a Single Person

Earlier this Year, I have resolved to finish up my JOURNAL on my journey being Single. 

I must tell you, being Single is one of the most colorful stages in my life, as it is right now. There is just so much you can do when you are single. The opportunities in your horizon are boundless. You can learn so much and you grow beautifully as a person as you walk on. 

There are different phases in Singlehood. I have linked up below my previous blogs on each stage. Here let me walk you through them:

  • the Big Blow (Heartbreak/Separation/Loss/Rejection) - I call this the "Welcome party" or the "Initiation Rites" with the paddling and whipping targeted straight at your heart. It is your gateway to Singlehood. ("Welcome to the coolest Party, everrr!") That part in your life when you experience Pain at its worst and it feels like you've been run over by a truck or something only that you managed to live. And you are not sure if that's a good thing. On the aftermath, you become vulnerable. You tend to lose that appetite for life. 

  • The Awakening - Or the Epiphany. This is when you suddenly wake up one morning and you let out a guttural lioness roar: "I will survive!" I label this as the "Metamorphosis" stage, it's where you work for self-redemption. In here, you make conscious efforts to gain back all the self-love you may have lost during the earlier stage. You journey towards Healing. You realize that you only lost one person, but you still got your whole life and that life is beautiful, after all. 

  • Embracing Single-Blessedness - I personally love this part. Because this is where you see the person that you have become, now better, stronger and more beautiful than ever. This is when you embrace back all the positivities and possibilities in your life. You look up on the horizon and see boundless opportunities for living that life that you have always imagined and hoped for. You meet more people than you ever did in your life, you marvel at wonderful places and you take on that can-do attitude in almost all circumstances.  You feel invincible and unstoppable. You love every waking moment.

  • The Season of Waiting - O.K. so from the stage of "Euphoria" you come to the "Pre-departure area" or where most single people are held up at the moment. It is that seemingly long and winding road of Waiting. Waiting for the right partner, waiting for the perfect time, waiting on your discernment over your vocation, waiting for what's next. Personally, I call this as my time for Waiting on God. It can't be too bad, really. You can use this time to prepare yourself for the next chapter of your life: Single-blessedness, Religious Life or Marriage, as in my case. While praying for the right person, I also endeavor to prepare myself to be that suitable partner for God's chosen one for me. Take this moment to grow more beautifully as a person. After all, we attract what we are ready for. For now, enjoy the simple joys incidental to waiting. 

  • Finding your Life's Calling - For some this may be the "Happily ever After" part. This is what I consider to be the "Answer" to the yearnings of your heart. That dream that you wish now coming true. Everyone deserves a happy ending, would you agree? Although Happiness is subjective for every person, it is often a product of doing one's ministry in life. No matter what vocation you pursue, being a home-maker, a religious or being the daughter, son, sibling or friend that you already are, choose to always give it your best shot, to make a difference, to act with great love. Live your life to the fullest.

And throughout this amazing journey, you will come to realize how life has been gracious to you. That's because you have decided to pick up yourself, love the unlovely, embrace your person and held on to the promise of beautiful days ahead. 

Finding your purpose in life is not an end in itself, it is a journey to be enjoyed every step of the way.

Fear Less, LOVE MORE! :)


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  1. This perfectly describes the journey of single people! Great post! Let's enjoy the journey indeed!

    1. and for this, let us go for a trip dee! we haven't had a trip pa! haha!

  2. What an wonderful description of the journey. Thank you for sharing, and good luck with the Challenge!

    Visiting from Untethered Realms

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey. Complications are everywhere. Thanks for your comments at my blogsite.

    1. Yes but as in all situations you always manage to get by.

      thanks for dropping by Susan! :)

  4. Nicely written, and some great observations about being single.

    1. thank you AJ! are you able to relate at some point? :)


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