The Spectacular NOW

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Picture this:

It's new year's eve. Steven and Claire have been going steady for 5 years now. Steven had long planned for this moment. He purposely requested that they welcome the new year in Paris. Just about 11 in the evening, Steven took Claire for a stroll down the street across Pont Alexandre III where they could get a nice view of the Eiffel Tower standing in its glorious post complementing the romance in the air that night. Claire was so overwhelmed with the seemingly impeccable beauty of the place, the night, everything. She couldn't get her hands off her camera that she busied herself taking a snap of every spot they'd walk by. About 15 minutes near midnight, the fireworks had started and Claire was all the more overtaken by her fascination. And because she is the type who wants everything on her social media, she just didn't let any moment pass without her taking pictures, selflies mostly. She barely noticed Steven was already down on his knees waiting for her to fix her attention on him. By the time she heard Steven's voice saying, "Honey, look up!", the fireworks display had already come to a near end. "What is it Hon?", she looked puzzled. "I just proposed to you and you didn't even see it", Steven dismissed all his excitement. Moral of the Story: Never Take Selfies when in Paris with your boyfriend! 

Sigh. Funny. How many of us have the "Claire" tendency? I am guilty of this. Eeeps.. I tend to be so into immortalizing a moment that I often forget to actually "savor" that moment, to BE FULLY in that moment.

The above scenario could be considered as a shallow example judging from real life experiences. 

For many times in life, we either whine over regrets (could have been) of the past or waste our time worrying (what might be) about something that is yet to happen and we end up sadly not living in the present.

How often do we allow regrets and worries to steal our chances of being happy NOW? I mean even if it could be mere fleeting but at least, you got this one, NOW.

Easier said than done, but we should always put ourselves in the moment and be strong enough to LET GO of what is NOT in the moment. It's like when you're eating your favorite pizza, you shouldn't care about the pounds it will add on your thighs. Instead, tell yourself, "Forget it! I am going to have a relationship with my pizza now." Tomorrow if you ever wake up feeling bloated, at least, you enjoyed your pizza. (Ok, Kristine, tell this to yourself! Haha!)




Do not let the past haunt you today. You are OVER and ABOVE it. LEARN from it. Put everything BEHIND your back.

Look FORWARD to the BETTER DAYS ahead. Believe that it CAN happen and it WILL happen. Stay POSITIVE.

Let the moment get the BEST OF YOU or aim to get the BEST FROM EVERY MOMENT.

SEIZE THE MOMENT! It may NEVER come again.


Here's a nice clip from one of my favorite animated movies, "Kung Fu Panada":

Xoxo! :)


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  1. I am guilty of not living fully in the present. I am trying to rectify that though. Let's enjoy the spectacular NOW! :D


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