"I thought love was the most powerful thing. If there’s such force that is greater than love it is time. Timing is a bitch. " – Kenji in She's Dating a Gangster, Richard Gomez

Sometimes, even if all the elements are present, attraction, connection, etc., there is still that one principal requisite that puts everything in order, the one that decides when to make all things align for love to happen. There is that crucial thing called Timing. And Timing is everything in Love.

On some instances, a second can make a huge difference and you either take the chance or let it pass. 

There are those decisions that require a thorough analysis or thinking but as for some other important things in life, every so often, you just have to engage yourself in the moment. Decide in a split second. And if time works in your favor, you will be surprised how an act done in a spur of the moment can have a lasting impact and it changes you forever. This is especially true in Love. 

So decide to pursue happiness in every chance you get. Tell that person how you feel right now. Say "Hi" to the person sitting next to you. Smile often and gain a friend. Who knows, timing may come to play favorably for you. You won't know when is the best timing unless you actually endeavor to know.

As the cliche goes, "in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."

Now let me ask you this: "Have you had any regret over a chance that you missed at one point in your life?" 


  1. This reminds me of 2 things. First, Michael Buble's song - "I guess it's half timing and the other half's luck" and this scene from How I Met Your Mother.

    Ted: I’ve stopped believing. Not in some depressed, “I’m gonna cry during my toast” way, not in a way I even noticed until tonight, it’s just everyday I think I believe a little less, and a little less, and a little less, and that sucks.

    Robin: You’re Ted Mosby. You start believing again.

    Ted: In what…destiny?

    Robin: Chemisty. If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing.

    Ted: What’s that?

    Robin: Timing….but timing’s a bitch.

    1. Aw, i just saw this now. True though! Timing is really a game changer din.


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