TyneDee Photo Prompts: That Friend who Never Left

She woke up to a dimly lit room. Sunlight could hardly get through those closed blinds. Her eyes were swollen from a night of crying spells. It's those twinges again. Blame it on the gloomy stormy weather. Melancholy is that annoying sequel episode. 

Tricia accepted this to be her normal wave of emotions for years now. There are times when suddenly either flashes of unwanted memories or self-created pains come haunting her. Tears stream down her cheeks. She stares at the blank wall for the longest time. Screaming inside. Wishing for someone to listen to what she is unable to speak about. Words just seem futile. Only the perpetual silence of the room is available to condole her with her deep groaning. 

Finally, after being motionless and numb for a time, she then turns to the other side of the bed. Tricia realizes Chep, her childhood teddy bear has been accompanying her all along. She hugs him tight. And somehow, in that moment, she found a confidante in him. He's that kind of friend who never says a word but gives you the most compassionate look and you feel that's all you ever needed. Chep is the friend who never left her side.


This is a tribute to 2 of my favorite stuffed toys, Papoom and Chepmunk. Each one has been my comfort blanket in 2 different seasons of my life. Yes, I still have that child in me. :)

This is a Joint Photo Prompt Project of Dee and myself. 
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  1. Aww. But it's true that sometimes when we need a hug, our teddy bears (or chipmunks) can provide what we need.

  2. That kid of friend can be the best indeed, you sure never have to worry about them talking back haha

  3. Haha! Or who knows mine is like Ted who talks back. It's ok if he's cute. I hope he doesn't turn into some monster toy like Chucky.

  4. A sweet story. I keep my teddy on my bed right now. He is there for me to hug or to cry into his chest. I am visiting on the A to Z Road Trip!


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