5 Things that You Probably Don't Know about Me

Hello World!

Today is going to be a linkup post. :)

I know for some of you who have been following my blogs, you may have already gathered an impression or some thoughts about my persona. But I bet only few people know me too well. :D

So for this post, I am going to give you guys a peek of the 5 Things that you PROBABLY are not aware about me:

1. Did you know that I only got my first barbie doll at the age of 8? I grew up playing toy guns with my male childhood friends. I was boyish when I was a kid. I sported boy cut most of the time.

During our recognition day in Grade 3

2. Even though I am a blogger and I often express my personal views or publish things about myself, there are times that I get paranoid about "Privacy" issue. Ironic as it may sound, sometimes, I wish to be invisible, unknown or unheard of. But here I go again, exposing myself to the world. I am kinda weird. Now you know! Haha.

3. At 32, I still sit on my mom's lap and sleep beside her like a baby. She still treats me like I have never grown old. And perhaps, even if I'd ever have my own baby, there will always be that little child in me longing for my mama's care and affection. Because of my mom, I am also looking forward to becoming a mom myself someday so I could cuddle my baby all I want!

4. While we were growing up, I was bullied by my siblings for my "cute" nose (to make it sound better than the adjective "flat"). My father used to tell me when I was small that if he had extra money, he would have my nose lifted. According to him, my nose looks like a train had run over it and totally flattened it. Huhuhu.. Seriously?! 

But ain't I cute here? :)

5. This last trivia could be one of my greatest blessings as a woman. I know most women have to go through pains and even spend dollars for a treatment, but I am just lucky enough to not have to deal with it. Do you want to guess what is this about? Haha! O.K. I do not grow hair on my underarms and even on my legs. I never had to shave or pluck. And so, whenever my girlfriends would discuss about their annoyances, I'm like "Uhm.. sorry I cannot relate" and they'd say, "no way! you're one lucky dame!" LOL. So yeah, hearing some would even have their horror stories, I kinda feel blessed. No bragging intended:D

And after all these revelations, you have now learned a little more about me.  Perhaps, some maybe TMI! Eeepss... :D

How about you, I'd love to hear a trivia about yourself too! 

Helene in Between


  1. Wow! I would love to have your hair genes right now! haha great link up confessions :)

  2. Wow you're so lucky because of #5! It's painful and expensive for the rest of us. Ugh.

  3. I love that you have such a great relationship with your mom! that is so special!

    1. It is indeed. Thanks for creating this wonderful linkup!


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