Little Random Things that Made My Friday


Today is Friday! Thank God it's Friday, indeed!

I am just happy for the little (shallow) things that made my day today.

Waking up to a rainy cold morning isn't fun at all! But, hey, it's the last working day of the week so I got up and off I surrendered myself to the daily toil.

Just as I was about to walk the stairs down to the subway, a guy in a rugged attire walked past me and greeted me with a smile saying "nice legs!" Well, for a moment there I felt that his comment was something malicious but then I realized I wasn't even showing my legs. I was wearing jeans so it must be a good compliment. (Always believe in the good of another person, unless otherwise proven.) I just told myself that maybe my everyday workout is actually showing results. Woot!

I reached the office with everyone greeting me "Good Morning" being the latest to arrive. Haha! Eeeppss.. I just smiled and claimed to myself, "Today is going to be a good day!"

At lunch time these 2 lunch buddies of mine, Chris and Bry came by my desk to fetch me. I nearly laughed out loud seeing the 2 of them in white polo. 

"San punta natin? Communion nyo? Ninang ako?" Haha! ("Where are we heading today? Are we going to your first communion and I will be your godparent?!"

Once in a while, when our hectic work schedules permit us, we go to have lunch and try out different cuisines around the Yonge and Bloor area. The lunch part is just one thing, the crazy banters altogether is another part that I somehow appreciate whenever I am with these 2. On a Friday, there are only 2 groups I am having lunch with, either my teammates or them. The rest of the weekdays is just me and myself. Now, that's something I have learned to live by since I arrived here in Toronto. And I love my "Me" time all the time!

The crazy duo

On my way home, I dropped by the lotto outlet to buy my Ate her lotto max ticket. Haha. I was surprised when suddenly a guy about my age offered to do a fist bump with me after saying, "I like your tan!" Confused at his remark, I still smiled at him. 

He then added, "You're a Filipina, right?" 

"Yes!" I replied proudly.

"Nice". I could see the fascination in his blue eyes. Honestly, that was really flattering. Never had that comment in a long time or ever before, I guess. Can't remember, really. 

At home, I was greeted by the hugs and smooches of my nieces. They are my babies. After a long tiring day, I always look forward to going home because of them. My adorable nieces and nephews are actually my constant affirmation of my desire to become a nurturing mother someday. 

And because the weekend is about to start and it's Friday, I made them milk shake with milk (of course!) plus crashed Oreo Cookies and Cream biscuits. I could see the not-so-little one was delighted.

Sigh. That look in her face makes me just want to sit and watch her enjoy her glass of milk.

After a 2-hour run outside, I can honestly declare, I just had a wonderful Friday today! Thank God for Today!

Have a wonderful and lovely Weekend everyone!!! :D


  1. Sounds like you did have a good day, fulfilling. Cute picture of you all at lunchy.


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