TyneDee Photo Prompts: What happens at night in the Attic

“Honey, your dad and I will be home by 11 tonight, O.K.? If there is anything, just call me.” My mom kissed my forehead and closed the door to my room.

It was about 8 o’clock that night on a Friday the 13th of June. Mom and dad would have their usual service at a church about 2 towns away from our village. I stay up in the attic of our two-storey house that our family just bought 2 weeks ago. We decided to move in after my grammy died, exactly a month had passed. It was such a sad episode for us that we wanted to leave our old residence where she stayed with us for the longest time and have a fresh start in a new home. 

I was a bit under the weather so I thought of sleeping early. It has been raining hard all day long. I could hear the wind whistling through the opening in my window as if producing a howling sound. Weird but I looked outside and saw a black cat on our walkway looking at my direction. At that moment, I felt like there was a cold air that sent me shivers so I went to close the window while I left the curtains open.

I opted to leave my lamp on. Not too long after I closed my eyes, I heard the main door opened. I am usually sensitive to sound so I know if someone comes in. Then, I could hear someone went inside the master’s bedroom at the second floor. It was followed by steps at the stairs coming towards my room. Now, I could feel my heart beating faster. I was sweating cold. I panicked at the thought that I was alone at home and I had no one to call for help. I remembered my phone. I had to call my mom! Every step just sounded nearer and nearer. I was trembling while I struggled to dial. Then there was a loud clap of thunder and darkness befell me. Silence took over that frightening moment. All I wished at that time was for my mom to pick up my call.

Ring! Ring! Ring…….. A phone was ringing just outside my door.

“Joni! Joni!” My mom opened the door and ran towards me. “Honey, are you O.K.?”

“Mom!” I cried out loud. I was so frightened.

Minutes after, dad came in and brought in a big flashlight that illuminated my small room.

“Honey, I came back because I forgot to give you this.” She handed me a small round shape object made of feathers and beads.

I looked at her to ask, “What is this, Mom?”

That’s a dreamcatcher that your grammy gave me when I was a small kid. I wanted you to have it.

I heaved a deep sigh of relief and embraced her so tight and pleaded that she sleep with me that night. 

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  1. LOL! I really thought this would be a horror story! I felt just as scared as the character! Nice one!

  2. Great story! I liked the way the tension built and then dropped quickly when mom arrived. It made me glad to see mom. :)

    I like the photo prompt. I may join you one month if I can get my brain writing again. :)


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