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It has been a crazy busy but blessed week. 

I feel #grateful because of the many grace-filled moments and answered prayers I had this week.

One message that stood out to me was:

"It is not Happiness that makes us Grateful. Rather, it is Gratefulness that makes us Happy."

From the time I gave my "Yes" to two consecutive [edited] services this weekend, everyday has been a conscious effort of finding something to be grateful for. After all, the topics revolved around being Grateful and being Blessed to Bless.

I thought to myself, if I could not think of at least 5 things to thank God for, it would be like disregarding the countless blessings He's lavished on me.

So, I resolved to make a list every month of the 5 blessings that I am most grateful for.

1. The New Apartment. I am really thankful that our applications got approved. For the first time in 5 years, I will see my sister's family live together in an apartment.

2. My Brother's New Job. After months of praying for a stable job, my younger brother finally got one. Yey!

3. My Team and my Job. I have always mentioned that one of my greatest blessings is my job. Because of my job, I went to places and now I am reunited with my family. Thank God for the job that pays for my rent and other expenses. (and my travels too!)

4. The People around me. Everyday, I learn something new from every one I meet or interact with. Each one of them brings me joy, hope and love. 

5. My Mom. Although, I admit sometimes she can be a bit pushy on me, but I appreciate the fact that my life here has been so much bearable with her around. 

All these are just few of the many blessings that I enjoy but may so often tend to neglect.

I am sure that you also have a lot more to be thankful for! List them down. And ponder on them every time you feel that life is tough on you. Surely, you'll find that your blessings outnumber your challenges or trials. Remember, what you focus on Grows. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

Have a Blessed workweek everyone! :D


  1. When I was a young girl I belonged to a group called Job's Daughters and one of the finest things they taught us was to "thank God for at least one thing each day". Best instruction I was ever taught. Blessings to you!
    On the Road Trip....

    1. Yes, agree with you. Sometimes, it could be a conscious effort really but as you make it a habit, it sooner or later develops a grateful heart in you.


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