To Uncertainty and Beyond...

Lately, I have taken myself a bit farther beyond my comfort zone. I have gone out of what most people say as conventional. My own conventional, even. I said it before that it is not my thing, but yeah right. Nothing is carved in stone, right? So, I guess for whatever this is worth, I just have to enjoy the ride. After all, it is true what they say that "to [look for] love is to leap the void of uncertainty." And perhaps, thereafter, I can say that I shall have Loved More and Feared Less.

For when you venture into uncertainties, there is always something that is scary and exciting altogether. You hope, you yearn, you bank on chances, you become brave. And regardless of what awaits you on the other side, you can say without regret that you learned, you have outdone your old self, you have accorded yourself a chance at happiness. And that's the best way to go.💙

Let's wait and see. For now, be still my heart. 


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