Viva Mexico (Mejico)!

Having experienced the Canadian winter, I felt like I needed to get that much-needed sun-kissed, tanned skin. My body was longing for the scorching heat of the Sun!!!

It was about a year ago when my friend Issa asked me if I wanted to join her to Mexico for an all-inclusive trip. Not having the U.S. Visa yet that time, I said "Yes" blindly. Haha. Impulsive, I can really be that sometimes.

But by some twist of fate, Issa couldn’t make it and Carrie jumped into the picture. It turned out the Mexico trip would be our second leg of our unforgettable summer vacation.

I have always heard good things about Mexico – the food, the sights, the beaches but it didn’t cross my mind that the people there could be so hospitable and welcoming just like the people in my own home country.

Mexico had the feel of a second home to me for 2 reasons: First, I understand a bit of Spanish because I grew up speaking pidgin Spanish in the Philippines. One time during the trip, a lady and her kid came up to me and spoke to me in Spanish. Surprisingly, we were able to communicate and converse for more than 20 minutes. Second reason is that I think it has something to do with my skin color. I got the "morena” or moderate brown skin color. So my complexion blends well with that of the locals.

Moreover, Carrie and I agreed that everything that happened in the trip felt like God had knitted it together that we may experience the best of our 4-day stay in Mexico.

For this post, I would like to highlight some of the people, instances or lessons I will never forget during the trip.

·     Coincidences. The greeter who met us at the airport was a half Filipino. How likely could it be that someone who has a Filipino blood would meet us upon our arrival? He is even surprised to know that we are Filipinos. 

·      The Manny Pacquio Fever. From the baggage checkpoint at the airport to the hotels that we visited, people associated us to the world-renowned boxer, Manny Pacquiao. Who doesn’t know him anyway?

·      Cinderella's Missing Slippers (corrected). Sadly, during our first night in the hotel, someone had stolen my slippers by the pool. I knew that someone intentionally took it because there was nowhere we could find the only pair of footwear that I brought for the trip. Eeeeshh.. I had to borrow Carrie’s sleepers for the entire duration of our stay in Mexico. She’s a size 7 or 8 while I am size 6.

·      The Feel of being Señoritas for just 4 days brought to us by the All-inclusive package. That was my first time traveling on an all-inclusive package and I must say, “Boy, am I rich?!” Haha! The first day we got to our Ocean Spa hotel, one of the waitresses approached us to ask if we’d like to have some drinks or pizza or anything from their menu. Imagine us, lying in the couch along the beach, sipping on a glass of piña colada. Ahh.. the Sweet Life. We felt like we had a feeding program for 4 days, which really made Carrie the happiest. Haha! 

    I love that the services were made easily available to us. There are actually bus services that travel to some hotels like Ocean Spa, Sunset Marina, Sunset Royal for free. You can also take the local bus for 20 MXN for 1-way ride if you want to tour around downtown. The party is right where the clubs and business district are located. You could go for Coco Bongo, the famous of all the clubs, I suppose. 

    Click here for more info about the Cancun's tourism.

The Pool View of the Ocean Spa Hotel

At the Sunset Royal Beach Resort

·      The Flattering Compliments. O.K. how do I share this without sounding immodest? Forgive me if I’d have to set modesty aside for a moment. I have never felt flattered that many times in my whole life as when I was in Mexico. I don’t know but somehow, at some point it surprised me that some people “noticed” me there. Or maybe I am not just used to the compliments. Not like I get that all the time.

    One of the unforgettable encounters was with a cute Russian kid whom we met at the tour. He was sitting beside me. And at first, I thought he was the nerdy and quiet type until he talked me first. Then blah blah blah. After a minute of silence, I caught him staring at me, smiling. I asked him, “Why are you looking at me like that?” He said, “I just couldn’t believe you are already ____ years old. Your skin looks young. And your face. (like I don’t want to make it obvious here that I am already old. Haha!) I turned red and thanked him. “Is that a bad thing?” I asked. He quickly replied, “Oh no!” and winked at me. And that ended the short story. Just thought that was flattering. Geez.. Insert face-palm here. As if I was a 16 year-old again! Haha! It's not like I get that compliment everyday! So thank you! Haha!

 Then, I remember the line “I know she’s hot!”. And I choose not to elaborate on that. Errr... it just didn't sound right.

·        The Epic Catamaran Tour. So, it was Saturday and I mentioned to Carrie that I wanted for us to go island hopping. I went to check on the tours being offered by our hotel but I was told that it’s already full. I was saddened but not hopeless. Being the persistent and determined me, I went to check on the nearby resorts for any available slots in their island tour for that day. And thank God I got to book us for the Albatros Catamaran (yacht) tour along with approximately 15 other people. The tour turned out to be the highlight of our Mexico trip. The  yacht had people from all over the world. We got someone from Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Venezuela, U.S.A., Canada, Singapore, Philippines and from Australia. What made it more fun was the crazy company we got with the guys from Australia, who were like the life of the party. But everyone else there was so game and friendly. 

    We snorkeled above 20 feet or so to see the “El Farito” Coral Reef, visited the Isla Mujeres Island and drove around to reach the Punta Sur, where we can view the observatory of the ruins of the Mayan civilization. Later in the afternoon, we had the chance to swim on very lovely aqua blue water about 15 feet deep. I jumped the first time without a vest but then the current was just too strong for me that I needed to wear one the second time I took a plunge. Haha!

She was holding my hand here. No wonder we're mistaken as lovers! Haha!

with our new friend, Jessica

The observatory of the Mayan Ruins

the crazy gang!

What stood out in the tour for me was meeting an inspiring couple Antonio and Rosana, both are scientists, by the way, who not only shared their beautiful life story but also graciously spent their last night in the island with us even if they had to wake up early the following day to catch their flight back to Atlanta. It was such a refreshing experience to know them and learn from their advices on how they have stayed married for nearly 30 years now. Rosana even gave tips for us on how to find our partners too. Haha!

The lovely couple

Bravo to this guy! Try the Mexican Extreme - Good food and live entertainment!

The tour just opened for Carrie and myself more opportunities of knowing wonderful people from all walks of life. We have all added each other on Facebook now. Haha!

         Overall, I would recommend for anyone to visit Cancun to take this tour to the Isla Mujeres. It’s like your Cancun experience won’t be complete without this experience. Also if given the chance, you have to visit Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen and the Chichen Itza to make your Mexico experience more unforgettable.

·      Carrie. Of all the trips we have been together, this I would say is the best trip that I had with Carrie. Through this trip, I have come to realize certain things about her and our friendship. Knowing Carrie to be really particular about not sharing in one plate with any other people, her picking food from my own plate and drinking from my own cup just confirmed to me that she feels that intimately close to me already. 

Another instance I appreciated her all the more was during the time when I nearly got myself drown while snorkeling. She was there holding me up and assuring me that she will just be behind me to look after me. I had a sense of security at that moment. Also, she let me use her pair of SLIPPERS the whole time, which she purposely borrowed from her mom, even if it means it would be inconvenient for her to wear her sandals on the beach. There was even a night when I was pissed because I lost my SLIPPERS and didn’t bring any decent clothes for a night out and she kindly offered that I wear her dress. She’s the one who also patiently agreed to take all my photos even if at times, she should rather sit back and relax. Haha! 

Lastly, I would never forget our last day in the resort. I received a text from 2 of my other friends that got me crying uncontrollably. She hugged me and reminded me of how she sees me beyond my quirks and imperfections. At that very moment, I had wished for God to bless and grant the deepest desire of her heart. After our heart-wrenching drama, she then cracked a joke that got us both laughing so hard. Crazy! Haha!

3 Lessons I learned from this trip:

·      Tolerance is one of the key ingredients to a successful marriage. It is never going to be a smooth sail all the time. You may experience passing through a bumpy road but as long as you hold on to your vows to each other, you will make it through. This is what I gathered from the wise words of Antonio and Rosana.

·      Be Open. Rosana had made a good point about giving online dating a second chance. Eeepss. She said and I now agree, that with our busy life, how and where else can we meet potential partners. We just have to sift through all our options and see who fits best for us. Well, it is just one of the avenues amongst others. Be open and proactive.

·        Wait on God to make beautiful things happen.  Carrie and I had prayed over our Mexico trip. We would always begin our day with asking God to take control of everything and just allow us to experience His wonderful creations. True enough, from the time that we reached the Ocean Spa Hotel to the very last minute of our stay, we felt that everything just fell into the right places. Like funny because we were supposed to pay for our internet for the 4 days but then we thought that we won’t spend that much. Then, someone approached me on our first night and offered to give me the password of the nearby hotel for a tip. Haha! It is as if everyone was purposefully sent our way so we could feel all the more grateful for all the little things.

Cancun is such a breath-taking paradise. And I am very much thankful and blessed to have seen such an amazing creation in its entirety. I will surely go back there someday!

how ironic I was wearing the shirt that had the Brazil flag on it! Haha!

Apologies for the grammatical and spelling mistakes here and there, e.g. Slippers. >.<


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