8 Things that only BEST FRIENDS will understand

They say that in this Crazy world, you meet that one person who is just exactly your own kind of crazy!

Uhm, well, I suppose that for every other person, it may be difficult. But as for me, I am just lucky that I found my crazy half - my best friend. Her name is Melizza.

LOL. Wait. So, how to tell that you girls are best of friends? 

1. Even if you are opposites, you still click. Her choices are mostly plain and simple, mine are elaborate and sophisticated. She is scared of the water, I love to swim. But she'd jump into the water just to swim with me. She needs space after a fight, I want to settle things right away. 

2. You tell each other your darkest secrets. Harharhar! You are not scared of being judged because you know in the end you girls have each other's secrets for blackmail, in case things become out of hand. LOL. #infairnesstohim #showerstories

3. The other one covers up for you when you go MIA on a group chat. Except on instances when she'd join your other favorite girls in bullying you, all other times, she'd be the one covering your ass for you. Haha! She will answer with complete details for you. #bestfriendduties

4. You girls want to be the first one to greet each other on your birthdays. Your face is the first one she'd wake up to on FaceTime and vice versa. You both just want to be the first greeter of each other on FB and IG. And there is some sort of a competition as to who does a surprise better. Neither wants to be outdone by the other. 

5. A Big Fight is needed to make you both realize how much you miss being together. I recently had a fight with her. And this made me realize somehow, distance took a toll on us. But not much really. Nah. We just miss the random overnight sleep overs and dinners we used to do before. 

6. You go to each other to rant about your fight with your boyfriend or the annoying flight delay. And sometimes, rather than offer the positive side of things, you add fire instead to the wrath already burning inside her. Haha. And together, you throw all the negative sighs in the air. 

7. She is your SLAP-PER and you don't mind arguing with her. Because in the end you know that all she's doing, no matter how painful it could get, is done out of Love. She can tell you all the awful truths that you need to hear and you appreciate that in her because no one else might have the boldness to do so. 

8. You want to be the first one to know about every significant and insignificant development in each other's life. Well, of course, one has to get the approval of the other before agreeing to date WHO and WHEN to get to date this guy. A go signal is needed. You get jealous if she posts someone else on her IG account. It's like every other person threatens your position and the only legit people to be above you are her families and boyfriend who you approved of. But then in the end, you are assured that you hold this irreplaceable role in each other's life. Every little thing you tend to share to each other.  You pray for each other. 

Lastly and most importantly, you get a good feel that your friendship will last a lifetime.

These and many others are the crazy things you share with your best friend.

And today, I wish mine a very happy happy birthday. I Love You Pops!

I look forward to hugging you in 2016! Yaaakkk!!! 


  1. Finding a close friend is a treasure for sure. :)

    1. Thanks Chuck!!! Good to hear from you! Dee and I look fwd to your next project! :)


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