Oh my Dear Carrie!!!

I have been so blessed to have a number of dear friends who make my life more colorful and awesome!

But for today, just because it is her special day (:D), I'd like to honor a sister-friend who has been a great blessing to me.

So what is so special about Carrie? 

  • Classy and Elegant. A lady who can wear just any dress and she will still look classy and nice on it. Perhaps, it is something about her aura.
  • Kind-hearted. She's one person I know who has got a heart closest to that of Cinderella's (for lack of a better point of comparison. Haha!) She sees the world beyond her own self. She always has a soft spot for helping people. 
  • Friendly/Sincere. Having been with her on a few travels, I could conclude that she knows how to relate to people pretty well. I learned a lot from her! No doubt she has forged strong ties with her colleagues and a number of people who have come to love her dearly.
  • Positive/Encourager. Carrie is someone who always tries to maintain a posture of positivity, which I admire in her. Whenever I feel down, she is one of those who can lift me up and make me look at the bright side of things. Her words of encouragement breathe positivity in me. She is one of the few friends who can be blunt at me and I don't get offended. Haha! That's because I know she means well.  
  • A Woman of God. The first impression I had with Carrie was that she is a prayerful woman. I appreciate how we connect through prayers especially even when we are miles apart as she is one of my prayer warriors. Praying for others is her way of showing her love to the people she cares about. She inspires me with her faith journey. 
  • Down-to-earth and Humble. These days, you can rarely find ladies who are not so into selfies and Carrie is one of them. Shocking, right?! She's got a pretty face and yet she does not see that. Carrie has been successful in her career and in almost all her endeavors and yet she has kept herself grounded.
  • Adventurous/Passionate. One of the common traits that I share with Carrie is our zest for adventure. She is not afraid to try new things and even go out of her comfort zone just for the experience. When asked about her passion, "FOOD" is her outright answer. Carrie is someone who takes pleasure over her food. And she writes excellent detailed reviews about them.
  • Loves Deeply. Knowing Carrie, she is someone who loves with all that she is. Blessed is the man who wins her heart! I am sure that she will make an amazing partner! 
  • Thoughtful and Sweet. I find that she is one who really takes time to make her friend feel so special. She cares about every little thing that I share to her and she remembers the things that matter to me. Her languages of love are time, words of affirmation and gifts. She can be sweet and firm at the same time. 

And the list could go on and on. But I guess all these will not even sum up to who Carrie is to us all. Stay Beautiful as you are!

Happy Birthday, Carrrrrrr!!!


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