My Black and White Photography

As a photo enthusiast, I love to add drama into my captured image. And I find black and white photography helpful to achieve this. In such case, I intend to highlight on the details, the composition, the points of interest, where I like to lead the viewer of my image to focus on, rather than the blend of colors and what not.

I thought of coming up with a project in New York at the end of this month. I got the inspiration from Brandon, who came up with the brilliant idea behind the "Humans of New York", New York's best-selling book, which had photos of common people with snippets of their true stories. I, on the other hand, aim to shoot raw photos of the streets, the people and structures, and I plan to employ the black and white dramatic effect into my shots.

I will share a bit more after my trip. I can't wait! :D

For now, I collected bits and pieces of my shots from my recent travels. 

Ottawa | "Memories"

Toronto Center Island | "Dare to be Different. Bloom!"

Vancouver | "Undecided"

Rouge Park, Toronto | "Steel. Still."

Thompson Park, Scarborough | "The Path Less Taken"

Thompson Park, Scarborough | "Peace in Solitude"

Ottawa | "The Wait"

Vancouver | "Happy Together"

Toronto Skyline | "Tower of Dreams"

Until my next photo session, good bye for now! xoxo


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