5 Things that I Am Thankful For In My Life

Hello Everyone!!!

I just came back from a very B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L and Awe-inspiring Mission in Jamaica (I will share a bit about it in another blog). It was really a perfect timing for thanksgiving as I am reminded of the many blessings that I so often take for granted. Sometimes, we need to look through the needs of others to appreciate the things that we have.

Today, I wish to remind myself of at least 5 blessings that I am thankful for.

1.  My Well-Functioning Senses. In the last 5 days, I think I have never really felt more blessed to have my 5 senses working perfectly. (Though I do have slight hearing impairment every now and then. LOL.) I am thankful that I am able to See the blend of colors of the leaves during Fall or the charming smiles of everyone I meet; Smell the freshness of the air or the scent of the flowers during Spring; Listen to the words of affirmation from my loved ones; Taste my mom's delicious Adobo (a famous Filipino dish); and Feel the warmth of the hugs of my family and friends.  

2. My Job that Pays. More often than not, I would count my job as one of my big blessings in life. As it has afforded me the means to assist my family through the years, it has also helped me share my blessings to others who are in need. Even if work gets challenging and exhausting sometimes, I know I got to get up each morning knowing that I work not only for my own needs. Someone else relies on me. My blessings will bless others too.

3. My Passions. Without my passions, life would be like dragging myself through the daily mundane routine. I'd be a silly robot more likely! My passions fuel my goals and actions and, therefore, I feel more alive, more human!

4. My Home, My Shelter. A home is not just a structure to me. More importantly, my home is my family - my refuge and my strength. A lot of the people I met recently had been abandoned by their family and left to the care of people who are not even related to them. It just made me appreciate the blessing of having my family with me all this time. And I refuse to imagine my life without my family. 

5. My Gift of Life. Though I may not live a perfect life, I believe that I am called to lead a great life of constant hurdles over challenges, of standing up from countless falls and of loving more and paying forward. My life is like God's Little Paradise here on Earth for me. He filled it with so many wonderful things. 

I have never appreciated my life more until after my recent mission with the poor.

Thank God that it is not too late for me to behold all these blessings!

Challenge for you: Name at least 3 things that you are thankful for. I am so sure you have way more than 3! :D


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