I Just want to say "Thank You!"

It was Wednesday last week when Toronto experienced long hours of relentless heavy rain and strong winds. 

I remember it was raining the whole day, I was looking through my window from the 34th floor of our office building in downtown and I could barely see anything outside. There was zero visibility. All I can see was the gloomy and shady  atmosphere that took over that day.  

The following Thursday morning, a bright sunny sky greeted me. I summoned myself to work, as usual. I was walking in a brisk pace to catch the next bus when suddenly I noticed the wonderful blend of colors on the ground. I could not help but to stop and look around. Leaves of different shapes and shades, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow and Green were scattered everywhere. "What a charming vista the rain storm had left us with?!" I told myself. To me, it was a Beautiful Mess.

The fallen, scattered leaves reminded me of myself after a storm that I recently experienced. The time when I had allowed my conflicting and arbitrary emotions to rule over me. And as I was in the thick of things, I, too had zero visibility of the people around me. I admit my emotions had gotten the best of me and I lost myself to them.  

Nevertheless, in all those times of my emotional chaos, people who love me stayed and waited on for me.

And today, I just wish to send my love back to all of them.

Thank you for your patience and unconditional love! Thank You for seeing a Beautiful Mess in me! <3


  1. A nice parallel comparison, glad you're feeling better. I'm not a huge fan of the fall because I know winter follows and I really am not looking forward to it; but it too shall pass.

    1. Thank you so much Sandy! It was just indeed a passing season. Now ready to face winter. :)


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