Sweet Love from Home

"I think you will fulfill my childhood dream for me, Love." My mom told me one night when we were talking about something that we were praying for. 

"Why didn't you do it when you were younger then, Ma?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Because when your father died, I had resolved to serve you, my children first before going out of my own home to serve other people."

That kinda hit me really hard. True enough, I have quite often thought of going to places to make a difference and I have completely forgotten that my primary mission is right where I am now, in my own home. This is just one of those conversations that I enjoy having with my wise 59-year-old mother. 

As always, my Mama has been my source of simple joys but recently she has made me realize how much blessed I am to have her and the rest of my family in my life. SO blessed! And because of my chronic forgetfulness, I need to be reminded every now and then. 

Everyday I get to experience first hand what self-giving love is. Mama does my laundry even if I am very much able to do it. Boo! What a shame! I know! She makes sure I got my umbrella on my bag, not to forget the biscuits too for my snacks. She waits for me to go home from work so we could have dinner together. And when she opens the door for me, I could see the excitement in her face as I kiss her. Priceless.

I see the same love from my Ate. My oldest sister wakes up at 5 am daily to cook breakfast for us. She would also prepare a sandwich for me and remind me thru text so I do not forget it. One time, she brought me with her to get the groceries. I knew then how hard it is to carry all those heavy bags of goods all by herself. With the piercing cold weather here, it just makes it all worse to commute. 

My nieces, well, they both have been very tolerating to me. LOL. Even though in their young adolescent stage they hate being babied, they would still let me hug and kiss them so many times in a day. Like a thousand times! Of course, not without seeing their eyeballs roll or lips curl out of annoyance. But then they are very understanding and accepting of my love language. LOL.

As for my 2 other siblings, I could only wish we could be together again soon! 

Oh, I just can't help but thank God for each one of them! :D

P.S. Make sure to show your Dad, Mom or siblings your love for them in every chance you get or just simply say "Thank You!" :)

our nightly bonding


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