Which Disney Princess Are You?

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Were you one of those little girls who once dreamed of living in the enchanting world of a Disney Princess? 

Well, I was! I bet many of us are familiar with at least 1 Disney Princess in our lifetime.

I, for one, have a few favorites. I somehow see myself in them. 

Who doesn't know about the most coveted Cinderella's glass slippers? I suppose every girl would like to be in Cinderella's shoes, literally! She is by far the most popular of all the Disney Princesses. From her story, you can learn about the virtues of Compassion as well as Kindness and Humility despite people's cruelty. Not to forget that it is cool to be friends with little rats. LOL. Cinderella taught me that "what is meant to be will always find a way."

Ariel's character points me to my ardent, free-spirited personality. Like her, I have this zest for adventure, never scared of trying something for the first time, say, jumping out of a plane to dive carelessly in the sky maybe? (of course with my parachute and red lipstick on. Wink.). Fueled by a strong desire, I can go chasing after my dreams and I am often unstoppable. I do not mind going beyond my comfort zone to explore new and wider horizons. 

Anna is that playful, cheerful and innocent girl who holds on to her happy childhood memories. She reaches out to the people she loves and braves the cold to look for her sister to be reconciled with her. This movie is my 2nd favorite because it reminded me that there is more to love than just the sheer romance and fleeting emotions. It highlights that kind of love that forgives and moves one to seek the good of the other person over his own. 

Plus, I will never forget this movie because I got (or forced) my whole team to watch it with me. LOL.

Of all the Disney Characters, I could relate the most with Mulan.

Mulan represents the modern day empowered women. The movie brings us back to the days when gender equality was a struggle for women. Thankfully, society has learned to honor and respect strong-willed, independent women over the years. I mean, I had learned how to use screw drivers, hammer and hand saw. I assemble my own IKEA cabinet and drawers. Not that I refuse help at all. I would welcome anyone's kindness. 

Nevertheless, I know most Disney movies popularized the typical "damsel in distress" scenario. And maybe, I am not that kind of Princess. As much as I have my ladylike, gentle nature, I feel that I am also entitled to pursue and stand up for what I strongly believe in as opposed to just waiting to be helped or defended all the time. 

Moreover, Mulan's taking the place of her father to protect him is much like my love for my family. I think that my taking on a bit of masculine personality was because of the role that I had to play in the family since my father's death. I needed to be strong and brave for them, even though, deep inside, I get a bit shaky and fragile sometimes. But Yes, I will also do everything to protect my loved ones. 

Lastly, like Mulan's quest for her self-worth, I, too, am in constant search for my place in this world. I wish to make a difference in my own little way. :D

How about you, which Disney Princess can you closely identify with and why? :D

This is a Collaboration Project of Dee and myself. 


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