My Birthday Prayer

It's true they say that as we get older, we wish for our birthdays to become more meaningful and silent at that. 

Today is my 33rd. I know it's just a number! But I cannot help but feel a bit emotional on how the 33 years went by. To me, they were full of colorful stories worth remembering and sharing. And while I was fully reliant on God's grace in all those years, I could say I do not regret any of the things I had to do as my part which I did. Every experience transformed me and added value to the person that I am today.

This photo speaks of Serenity to me. I pray that at the later part of my life when I get to sit on a bench like this, memories will come flashing back and I will feel so much at peace with how I have lived my life. No regrets, just full of Love and Gratitude. 

With this, I offer a plea to Heaven for all the innermost desires of my heart - my wishes for my loved ones, the people I care for and myself. 

May everyday be a day of witnessing, experiencing and sharing God's love to and from the people around me. 

Thank you all for taking a little part in my life! :D


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