The Joy and Rewards in Giving

I love Christmas time! It is the time of the year when I feel the love of my family and friends the most (it's in the same month as my birthday, that's why!)

Last December 24, my mom, my niece and I went to brave the Christmas rush for the eve's gift giving. Later that morning, my 13-year-old niece told me that she had wanted to buy some stuff too. I asked her what is she looking for. She said she would get some presents for some people too. So we went to avail the buy 3 lotions and get 3 for free. The kid went to the counter to pay all her buys. I then checked how much money she had in her wallet. "5 dollars. But it's O.K.", she replied smilingly. Come Christmas eve, I was surprised that she gave each one of us a lotion. Such a sweet and thoughtful act from this little girl to give out from her little savings. I was humbled and inspired by her thoughtfulness. That night too, I saw my niece so happy with all the gifts she received. 

On the other hand, my sister also surprised me with a 50-dollar gift card. My older niece handed me the card. She then asked, "Tita, what else do you need? You have all material things that I can think of. What will you do with that gift card?" That got me thinking. In fact, I cannot think of anything I wanted for myself. Yet I was ecstatic to use the credit for boxing day. Do you know what I had in mind instead? I used it to buy small gifts for my family and friends back home. I could just imagine how happy I could make someone feel with what little I can give. It's the thought that really counts after all.

And my reflection led me to realize that no amount of material things can ever replace the love and care of my family and friends. I feel happy and blessed with what I now have in my life. And my niece is right. My life and everything in it is already my greatest blessing! I could not be any happier than to be able to share my blessings to others! I really pray that I may continuously find Joy in Giving. 

Indeed, the Joy in Giving is a Reward in itself!

Watch this video about a Kind Man who wished to make other people happy and whose acts of Kindness did not go unnoticed:


  1. A lovely story, Tyne. Christmas time spent with family is special, but it is even more special when there is gratitude and love present. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of the joy of giving. :)

    1. Indeed Chuck! It is really such a time for remembering the greatest blessing in our life - our gift of family. I wish you have a wonderful and meaningful time with your family as well this holiday season!


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