My 2016 Word is ____

Hello 2016!!!

Oh, how I love the first day of the year! There is just so much positivity and gratitude in everyone, myself included. For some reason, I somehow get a feel that there is going to be something different, special in my 2016. #tomorebeautifuldaysahead

To kickstart my year, my friend, Dee and I thought of coming up with a word for our 2016. And boy! It was NOT easy to find that one word to sum up my goal for all the 366 days this year!

Thankfully, after 3 hours into brainstorming, finally I got my magic word --- Tah-Dah!!!

I remembered last year I also wrote some goals. And this year isn't any different. Only that I got more goals that I want to achieve. In 2016, I resolved to:

> BE More Patient this year. Patience is definitely not my innate virtue. Hence, I need to work on keeping a positive attitude while waiting for things to unfold in my life. 

> BE Bolder and Fearless in my ventures. 2015 marked a milestone in my life when it comes to taking myself beyond my comfort zone. Despite my family's apprehension, I have travelled alone to an unfamiliar territory fueled by my desire to make a difference. I guess I am that kind of soul - unstoppable and passionate. So I aim to steal the moon this year. Kidding. Or steal someone's heart maybe and never return it? Cheesy! LOL.

> BE Light and Frolicsome. This is what I want to achieve alongside being intense. Maintaining a balance of my 2 extreme traits is definitely a work in progress. I know things do not always happen as planned so I should be able to bend. I must also learn to loosen up a bit and feed my playful side more often so I can fly as though I had wings. 

> BE a source of someone else's happiness or positivity. Making someone happy has become my own source of happiness. By adopting a positive outlook in my life, I also hope to help the people around me generate that positivity. In the meantime, I resolve to enjoy my life in the moment.

> BE a Better Receiver. Throughout the years, I have programmed myself to be the person who gives and reaches out. I am happy doing so. There is no problem with that. But it has become a struggle for me to be on the receiving end. So I promised myself that I will be a better receiver this year. 

It is already hard enough for me to set goals for the year ahead however, I find it rather more challenging to keep up and stick to them. BUT I figured it should be a DECISION really. 

There may be a number of external factors beyond our control and outcomes may differ from what we planned. Yet one thing is always within our control - how we want to come out of each circumstance - do we want to BE better or BE bitter. That's really a Decision that you need to make.  The important thing is that no matter what happens along the way, we try our best to work towards BEcoming that person we hope to BE. 

With all these goals in mind, I could only pray that this year be filled with Grace that I may BE the better version of myself in all aspects by the end of 2016. 

So I now officially welcome my BEst year yet!!! And it will BE for you too! :)


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