The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

I watched this together with my Mom and my tears just kept rolling down my cheeks. Unconditional Love - this is what the story is all about for me. The Love that does not seek to be reciprocated, the kind that derives Joy from giving away of oneself.

I remember the other night coming home late from work, my Mom opened the door for me and joyfully greeted me with a kiss. She then set the dinner table and warmed up the food for me. She sat facing me, delighted to see me feasting on the "Adobo" that she cooked and set aside for me. 

Later that night, I saw her watching TV at the living room. She was munching on some biscuits that have been left on the fridge for a week already. I asked her if she had eaten earlier. She said she did. But I figured out that she gave me her share of the "Adobo".

I know I can never repay my Mom for all the Love that she's given away. That's why I want to make sure that I show her how much I appreciate her in the best way I could, every chance I get.

And I also challenge you, think of someone who has played the role of a Giving Tree in your life and thank that person Today. Show him/her how much you appreciate his/her presence in your life. We may never have all the time in the world to tell our Giving Tree how much he/she means to us, so do it NOW.


  1. How sweet! A mother's love is a special thing, and certainly a good example of how we should show love to others. Beautiful post, Tyne!

    1. Thanks Chuck! Indeed, my mom is my God's Greatest gift so far.


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