I love this Powerful Harvard Graduation Speech!

Hey Everyone!

It's been a long while. I know I was in a hiatus here. But I just came across this speech which kinda rekindled my passion to write and stimulated my right side of the brain to work again.. uhm, well, before it gets rusty.. (trivia: a study of mindmapping for writers are still ongoing as to which part of the brain is actually engaged when writing. That's per my quick google research. Ha!).

Yes, I do love to listen to powerful speeches. My late dad inspired me on this. I used to listen to his recorded speech addressed to new cadets graduating some decades ago. 

I just remembered my own valedictory speech back in high school. I had never felt so much honored in my life as I was given that privilege to address my class. Well, minus the crying part, I was able to deliver. Ha! That was when I first realized each one of us has that power to inspire and empower others around us and that our own stories could bring about positive changes as we share them.

Here is the speech by Donovan Livingston, a Harvard master's graduate. His poem "Lift Off" definitely ignited the fire within those who listened to it including myself. The way he delivered it was just sooo sick (for lack of a better word!) I feel like I can do everything after listening to him talk! 

Listen and be lifted off!


  1. Inspiring indeed. This reminded me a little bit of Chi's salutatorian speech, coz she mentioned something about how we should be like shooting stars (if I remember correctly lol).


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