My Real Montreal Experience

Having had my last vacay in March this year, I recently felt I needed to break away from my usual busy life. 

Thankfully my friend, Chen tagged me along to go with her to Montreal for a short trip over the long weekend.

I thought it was my much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of daily toil. But I was not expecting that Montreal could really be that charming on my 4th time visiting the city. This trip actually gave me a sneak peek of my upcoming travel to France in November. At least, I already got a feel of what it is like to be there.

Here are the snapshots of my recent escapade.


Went to walk around the Dorchester Square. Had some quiet time just sitting there watching the beautiful people of Montreal! It was entertaining and relaxing! :D

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
They have such lovely alleys everywhere.

Strolled further downtown and I had to stop by for this pose. Ha.

Old Port
Get a breath-taking view of the city at night from the Lookout at Mount Royal

Food Tripping (Pastries, Poutine & Smoked Meat should never be off your list!)

Be sure to stop by and try their delish desserts!!!

Try their Fondant Cake - Choco Lava cake with dark chocolate filling inside and  vanilla ice cream on the side.

Try their chocolate and almond croissants. Actually, try EVERYTHING! Ha!

Their Breakfast meals are superb!!! This was at Ben and Florentine

So Quiche (Kiss) me... Haha!

I loved the feel of this restaurant. It's a 5-minute walk from St. Joseph Oratory

You cannot afford to miss this most popular Poutine. We had to queue up for 30 minutes at 12:30 am for this at La Banquise. Just Crazy!!!
Finally, this was what I went there for seriously - the Montreal's Smoked Meat - so tender, so good!

Church Visitation

Mary Queen of the World is a Holy Door as well

The biggest church I have ever been to -  St. Joseph's Oratory has 1,000 seating capacity

This is the exact place where I experienced my first snow some 4 years ago.
Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal
St. Patrick Cathedral - one of the beautiful churches I have ever seen

I would like to thank these 3 angels who made my short break fun and wonderful! Thank you for your generosity!


With this trip, I realized that I enjoy my own company a lot. I do not mind strolling around unfamiliar places, feasting over a decent meal by myself or just getting lost somewhere. I would like to think I am a happy loner sometimes. And I need to travel alone to get in touch with my soul.

Dear Montreal, we will definitely have another rendezvous soon as you have captivated my heart. I would love to see you again! Je t'aime! Merci Beaucoup! <3


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