My Favorite Lessons and People in 2016

I remember just about the beginning of 2016, I declared that my word for the year was "BE". And now that the year is about to end, I would like to believe that my word has changed from "BE" to "BEcome" because thankfully, I have BEcome the person that I only hoped to be at the start.

I wish to thank 2016 for all the lessons and experiences it has accorded me. With set-backs and challenges hurdled and countless of prayers answered, I look back with a grateful heart to all the lessons I have learned and people who made a difference in my 2016.

Lesson 1: NEVER Settle. 

This so true for me and has always been the constant reminder all throughout my year. Be it in my career, relationships and goals. 

While I opted to open myself up to the world, I have always found myself validating whether people (or even things) are worth my time, love and effort. It is not really about thinking highly of myself, rather, it is valuing my capacity to genuinely love and care for people considering how appreciative and passionate I tend to be. You may give so much of yourself. But you got to love yourself enough to know who deserves you. I think I have learned to strike a balance between my generosity to others and to my own self. 

As with friendship, I realized that as I grow older I lean towards working more on quality over quantity. I aim to nurture genuine, deep and lasting friendships. And as I endeavor to be a good friend to my friends whom I consider as my second family too, I am reminded of what a Real Friend should do for each other --- FRIENDS --- Fight for you, Respect you, Include you, Encourage you, Need you, Deserve you, and Stand by you. And I am blessed to have friends who stood by me all throughout this year.

Even in my personal goals, I took it upon myself to own and steer the wheel of each aspect of my life, not relying so much on external contributors, rather, I dedicated my time to vision where I want to go, monitor the trajectory of my plans and actions to achieve my goals. I had recently proven again that determination and hard work indeed pay off. I refused to settle for less than what I earned and deserved. And so I am preparing myself now for yet another year of challenges to leap over and triumphs to thank God for. New year, new responsibilities, new things to look forward to.

Lesson 2: Surround yourself with people who will remind you of Love, Faith and Hope. 

Yes, always surround yourself with people who will remind you of Love, Faith and Hope because they are all you need to get through anything in life.

I could say I have been really blessed to be surrounded with people who inspire me to Love, Pray and Hope as I work toward becoming the better version of myself. My sky is not all bright and sunny but as long as I get a little help from whom I call "Rainbows in my clouds", I know I could get by.

I wish to take this opportunity to honor and thank my constants and newcomers, people who have etched a mark in my life this year:

My Family. Having my family around has always been reassuring for me. My Ate, Kuya and 2 kinkins to come home to has been a great joy. My possessive and obsessive mom has been my constant prayer warrior. Though she makes me crazy sometimes with her frequent calls, I love how she never stops to be a mother to me despite the distance.

Melizza. My voice of reason. Though we seldom talked over the phone this year, I know that when I do need her, she makes time to listen and counsel. She has always  been very protective and maldita to whoever makes away to her best friend. Haha. Though really, I am kinda trying hard to accept that I will have to let her go to some extent in the coming year. #thestrugglewhenyourbffisgettingmarriedisreal

Bell. My Nanay. Hers is tough love. She always says what she feels is right. They may hurt, but sometimes, I need to hear the truth the hard way to wake me up from illusion of some sort.

Carr. Soul sister who never gets tired of listening to my seemingly repetitive stories. LOL. (Buti naman di ka nanawa?! Haha!) I am just grateful to have someone who takes me as I am, loves me for me and encourages me to keep moving forward. And together we hold on to God's promises for us.

My Clingies (Sunshine, Kath and Andrea). They are my second family here in Canada. Thankful for them who remind me to keep trusting and hoping for God's Bests. 

Richen. When work seems to be very toxic and stressful, girl am I just thankful to have someone who keeps me sane in the office! I appreciate it when either one of us is feeling down, we would go to mass together. And things will just feel light after.

Dandan. That someone whom you have just met yet feels like you have known for a long time. The brother and friend in the Lord who prays with you and reminds you of the value of time in this life. Ching!

My Team mates. This year has been tough at work but I felt more grateful because of the people I worked with. They have become more like a family to me and I am just feeling the separation anxiety now that I will have to leave them soon. 

Trisha Gurl. I really look up to women who are empowered, independent and strong. And this friend of mine is one of them. Even if she is much younger than I, I learn a lot from her about loving oneself. She is my reminder to never settle. 

Apaule and Ge. My constant prayer partners. They inspire me to never lose hope and always look forward to God's promise of #morebeautifuldaysahead. 

And to everyone else, surely, I have received from you all either lessons which I would never  have learned in any other way or blessings which I am grateful for.

Thank you all for journeying with me this year and I look forward to another year of making a difference with you.

May God bless us all!



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