Letting God Take His Time since He is God Anyway

Time and again, I have proven that I am the least patient person in the whole wide world. I DO NOT enjoy waiting, AT ALL. I mean, who does love to wait anyway? 

I always want to be in control of everything, to see clarity ahead, to have the answers NOW.

But I guess, there is one good point to raise here: Who am I waiting for? What am I waiting for?

If I was just waiting for some orders from my favorite fast food chain, O.K. well, then, I may have all the rights to go ballistic about not being served in 1 minute.

BUT... I am talking about God's plan here - waiting for THE GOD'S PLAN to unfold in my life.

Then that's another story certainly worth the wait. 

Why is God taking a long time answering my prayers?

(Often, it's those moments when I could imagine hearing crickets chirp or the owl shrieks, almost like saying with its big eyes rolling, "Oh Paleeaasee, Love! Not again!" LOL.)

I would again implore the heaven to send me the answers that I have been praying for, like 'Ahora Mismo'! And the cycle goes on and on.

Funny how I am always reminded of 4 things whenever I find myself itching to go ahead of God, wanting to immediately grab the things I desire for myself or annoying Him with my repetitive questions (though He loves me enough to not really be annoyed at me, that I know!): 

1. God loves me better than I can ever love myself;

2. God knows Best; 

3. God's Plans for me are Far Greater than the Grandest dreams I could ever imagine for myself; and

4. God's Best is Always worth waiting for!

After tensing myself against all unnecessary worries and anxieties, I'd ask myself, "Sooo, Love, will you settle for your kind of best or wait for God's Best? Then I would just smile and look up to Heaven in surrender, "O.K. Lord! You are God anyway. Please have Your way in my life. Take as much time as You need with me!" (Note to self: Repeat this in your head 1000 times! >.<)

"If We trust in the Lord, we won't be afraid to wait. We will not seek to grab for ourselves ahead of God's time out of fear that we might lose the best by waiting. God is well able to safeguard the best for us in every realm. When we grab impatiently, we invariably miss the Lord's best!" (quoted)

Here is an insightful talk from Fr. Mike that inspired this blog: 


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