I remember growing up being bullied by my siblings. I would wake up in the morning with all of them making fun at my face, joking about my nose. This somehow affected my self esteem. I always thought that I was the ugly duckling in the family. Well, thankfully, I grew up to be a lovely swan. Wink. At least, that's what I'd like to believe. Maybe this was the reason why I endeavored to excel in my academics so I could prove that I am best at something else. LOL.

I have had my fair share of rejections in life. Trust me when I say this. Oh dear, don't get me started with this one. But I guess the most painful kind is that coming from your family who you thought would be your first line of defense - the one who will fight for you. Though mine was a subtle kind of rejection in the form of bullying (LOL), I could imagine how it must have felt being doubted by the people you thought know you best.

Albeit our relationship is not perfect, I am just grateful now that through the years, my family has really become my source of  strength and support. Even though I live far from them for most of the recent years, I could always feel the love and encouragement from my home. This gets me through everything.

And for this, I thank God for the gift of my family.

Inspired by the Gospel from Matthew 13: 54-58


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