My Lady of Grace

Mary is a young lady who is betrothed to Joseph. One day, an angel suddenly appeared and announced that she will conceive of a child who is to become the savior of mankind. Amidst her momentary confusion, she gracefully accepted the news and the angel left her. 

Just like that. She entrusted her life to God's will. 

This is my attempt to simplify the story of the Annunciation. Of course, this is not the exact account. But what if this happened in the modern setting? What if this happened to me? I mean I certainly know that I am unworthy to even be compared to Mama Mary but I have always wondered what could she have felt when someone told her that she will conceive a child, through the Holy Spirit, who is to be the Lord and Savior of the world. Honestly, I think I would have panicked then fainted right at the moment the angel Gabriel appeared. Yay. That is why I am clearly not worthy to even imagine myself in Her place.

Not only that. In the olden times, if a woman was found pregnant but not with the man with whom she was betrothed, she could likely be condemned and stoned to death. So Mary had to go through all those troubles too.

Then there was this time when she had to journey to miles away with her heavy pregnant belly. She labored and gave birth to baby Jesus in a humble manger. 

Years after she raised her son to be a virtuous man, it was time that she encouraged Him to perform His first miracle at the wedding in Cana. It was when Jesus listened to the plea of His mother even though at first He felt it was not yet His time. But she is His mother after all.

And not to forget, after having to go through all the hardships, joys and pains of bringing Jesus into the world, she found herself at the foot of the cross of her beloved son. I could only imagine Mama Mary bearing twice the pain and agony of her son, Jesus. She gracefully accepted everything.

Where could she have gotten all the grace to fulfill Her important mission here on earth?

I am no expert nor an authority about the life of Mama Mary yet I am deeply drawn to Her after having known about her perfect faith. With Her extraordinary faith journey, she has captured my heart. And I honor Her as my Lady who is Full of Grace!

Inspired by the celebration of the Feast of The Assumption of Mama Mary


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