My Life Equation

Math is one of my favorite subjects growing up. I remember back in high school, I'd spent my summer time answering my workbooks. By the time the classes started, I would have nothing to do because I had already finished my home work 2 months before. 

There are even times when I would torment my brain on some mental calculations by multiplying two-digit by two-digit numbers within 1 minute. Uhm. I know this could be easy for some like 'duh'  (insert Sheldon rolling his eyeballs here) or maybe, I am just a plain weirdo! LOL. And so my love for math and proclivity to engage in solving problems (including those of other people!) had brought me to my current profession - a boring accountant! 

There is, however, one important equation in life that I have tried to master. It's one that I have to learn all through my life and not just from within the confines of my academe ===>

Add people who make you Love your Life
Subtract those who fill you with negativity
Multiply the ones whose lives you touch
Divide those who are deserving of you 
from those who are not 

Inspired by the Gospel from Matthew 14: 13 -21 


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