The Dash

Have you ever pondered on how you want to spend that little dash in between the 2 significant dates in your life?

I once wrote a good friend a eulogy on his birthday. Funny that I never thought someone else would also be interested to know what people have to say about him on his funeral, supposedly. But yes, I have always wondered what my life here on earth meant for the people I crossed paths with. 

To make a difference in the lives of others, this, to me is my utmost calling. Knowing that I am able to help someone in my own little way is like a music to my ears. It just inspires me all the more to reach out to people to offer what little hope I can share even when I am uncertain of some things in my life; to give selfless love amidst my own longing for the same. 

We all have a calling in this lifetime. Whatever role we are into, whichever hats we may wear, day in and day out, there is always an avenue for us to make an impact on other people. It is really up to us on how we make the most of our lifetime here on earth.

"Lord, teach us how short our life is
that we may become wise..."

Inspired by the Gospel of Matthew 13: 47 -53


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