The Little Secret to Happiness

This is Bob. I first met him in November, 2015. Back then, I felt so empty like I was dragging myself through life. I lost my sense of purpose. All I could notice was what was lacking in my life. 

Then in one event, I heard about the Missionaries of the Poor in Jamaica. Immediately, I knew in my heart that I had to be there. Feeling the inexplicable strong calling, I went there not knowing anyone, no idea about how crazy Kingston could be except through the persistent warning of my sister's Jamaican friends. I was clueless of what was waiting for me there. In my mind, I will be there to help. 

MOP centers mainly shelter poor men, women and children who are mostly physically handicapped or those who are not able to support themselves.

One day, I was going from crib to crib to greet the kids when I heard a voice saying "Hi". It was sweet-sounding and audible enough for me to turn around and look to its direction. It was from a cute boy extending his left arm to reach for me. I went near him and touched his face. He then locked my hand in between his cheek and shoulder. He was so adorable. 

By the time a brother had called me to help dress up another child, I tried to pull my hand from Bob but he would not allow me to leave. So I went nearer to him and realized the little kid had no legs. For a moment there, I got glued in my place. I cannot just leave him. I decided to carry him with me while I help the other kids. It was truly a joy to see his smiles reaching the sky! With my little time with him, I could feel his gratefulness overflowing.

Bob opened my eyes to the many little blessings that I had neglected. The child was genuinely happier than me with what little he had. I was blessed with completely functioning body parts and senses. I have a roof over my head, a job that pays, I have a family who loves and supports me. While many residents there like Bob were abandoned by their own families because of their physical deformities, I, on the other hand, was not grateful enough for all that was given to me. Each of the residents there taught me the secret to true happiness, and that is to be Grateful. Gratefulness unlocks all the blessings in our life.

Indeed, I took away more than what I could ever give to the mission. I went there thinking I would bring some assistance, it turned out I was the one needing their help. I needed them to teach me about True Happiness. 

I am going back there this end of August to see little Bob again and the many beautiful residents in MOP centers in the hope that my 2 dear friends and I could help in our own little way bring smiles to them and some relief. You may also journey with us as we aim to raise funds to bring school supplies to kids and whatever they may need in the centers. Please see link: Mission of Love in Jamaica 2017. May God bless you richly for your generosity. 

Inspired by the 1st Reading from Deuteronomy 6: 4 -13


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