The Making of God's Masterpiece

Don't you feel like you are constantly being put to an endurance test? 

For most part of our life, we go through painful sharpening. Perhaps, one may easily ask out of tiredness, "when is this ever gonna end? How much more do I need to endure?" I, too, do not have the answer. However, I do understand that this is necessary so I could turn into the most beautiful version of myself. Just like how a plant is nurtured and cultivated to become a sturdy tree - it needs to undergo regular pruning.

Whenever I experience a hard blow in my life, I trust that God is painstakingly chiseling away my rough ugly edges. I am being made into a masterpiece of exceeding beauty!

Inspired by the Gospel from Matthew 16: 24 -28


  1. Cue the song: "Abba Father" hehe

    1. Yes yes! We submit ourselves in the potter's hands indeed. I had the other version in mind. Haha!


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