Walking in Faith

FAITH. Big word. It is believing in something that I could not foresee nor comprehend. To put it simply, Faith is an invitation to trust in something beyond what my five senses can validate.

Many times in life, I am confronted with tests of my faith. There are days when I could not vision anything nor sense any help coming my way as if I was left on my own to walk in the water. During those times, I would panic and mostly rely on my limited capacity to deal with the situation until I feel like I am drowning helplessly.

And because I am too busy in trying to balance things in my life, I could not even look ahead and see the loving arms extended in front of me. Jesus is inviting me to walk in the water - to fully trust Him as I walk towards Him in Faith. My fears blind me from recognizing Jesus and experiencing the peace that comes from trusting that He will never leave me to drown in my own tribulations. He is constantly asking me to let go of my fears, take each step in faith and be held by Him as He leads me to His best place for me.

"Lord, I pray that I may always have the faith to walk in whichever path You may lead me to. Help me to recognize You everywhere I go. Amen."

Inspired by the Gospel from Matthew 14: 22 - 36


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