Chasing Cloud 9

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Cloud 9 - an idiomatic expression to mean a state of "perfect happiness".

What does happiness mean to you?

Over the past couple of months, I felt like a dark cloud had loomed large on my horizon. My work had become toxic and consuming for me. Unfortunately, it had taken the best of me. I got exhausted to a point of me almost losing my sanity. I wanted to quit even if I would end up jobless.

Indeed, there are certain things we go through in life that may heavily weigh us down no matter how much we try to keep it all together. The anxieties brought about by uncertainties, the frustration from constant failed attempts or the exhaustion from seemingly endless struggles. All these steal our joy and peace. I have grown tired of chasing happiness.

And you know when I came to a point that I am no longer able to carry the weight on my shoulder, that's when I had learned to let go of the load. After all, I need not carry it all by myself. That's when I surrendered in reckless abandon. 

The problems are still there, only they felt lighter now. Perhaps because I acknowledged that I cannot  bear them on my own. 

I had learned to choose my battles and not allow just any thing to steal my joy from me.

And what does happiness mean to me these days? Having to sleep soundly knowing that every thing is taken care of. :)

When was the last time you were at your happiest? 


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