Honoring a Superwoman

I am starting my gratitude journal as part of my Lent reflections. 

Today, I behold my greatest gift - my Mom.

She is probably the one person whom I will never get tired honoring all my life.

My mom and I have been through a lot together. Like a lot. From the moment I could get a sense of life's reality, her bitter-sweet journey as a single mother unfolded before my very eyes. Motherhood is tough enough, let alone having to raise 4 young children by herself. 

I remember so vividly those times when I would be the sole witness to my mom's struggles and lowest of lows. Now, I am just blessed to have witnessed her resiliency and humility through it all.

I always say that if I only had half of her strength, I could go through the toughest of times. She is my source of strength and inspiration. Whenever she says, "God's Best is yet to come", I believe it with all my heart! There is just so much power and conviction in the way she proclaims it. Of course, coming from someone who is a living testimony of God's amazing wonders. 

My life I attribute to her next to God. I could never thank my mother enough in my lifetime. I am who I am today because of her. I just pray for her to be a blessing to more and more people as she has constantly been to me and my sibblings.

I love you very much, Taba! Happiest Birthday!


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