Fifty Shades of Yummy: Taco Tuesday Everyday

Due to the nudge of my boyfriend, I am going to try something new in here... :) He knows and kinda accepted that I love food next to him. :D 

What a more perfect way to bring light to my day than indulging my cravings after watching our favorite bloggers seemingly enjoy every food they eat! They all looked so good that we ended up getting them too. LOL.

First item on our minds, TACOS! But of course, we both speak Spanish and why not?! 

We actually just went right on google to search for the highest rated taco place in Mississauga..  And voila! We found ourselves walking up to a little Mexican resto called "El Mariachi Tacos and Churros". The festive look inside depicted the well celebrated holiday in Mexico, Dia De Los Muertos. 

A lady host greeted us warmly when we came in. The server was very accommodating and even affirmed our great choices from the menu. 

And because he knew how much I love corn, he took the liberty to have it served first. Mmmm....  Sweet, cheesy, creamy, buttery, zesty.. oh so corny... Lol. The taste of cilantro and a bit of chilly powder added flavor to it. But I think that the corn has been pre-cooked and just reheated. Still, I'd give it 3 spoons out of 5!

Next up are our most awaited Taco babies. 

He ordered the Carne Asada which came with light corn tortilla that complemented the strong texture of the beef. Though I felt there was something lacking in the seasoning of the meat. I found no distinct flavor in it. Just your typical beef tacos. 

But.... wait... My order was way better! Hmph! In front of me was this colorful enticing plate, with the regular hot and the green sauces (salsa verde) which made the whole taco experience more delightful! I love how the crispy breading of the fish welcomed my palette before I enjoyed the soft meat inside it. It had a good proportion of veggies to the fish. And the tortillas were just light and easy to eat too. It was flavorful!

Oh, I was just so happy with my choice! Wasn't it obvious? :D

We spent around $38 for the 2 orders of Tacos with 3 tortillas each plus the corn. It was worth-it for the price! Our overall Tacos experience in this place was superb. They had great customer service too! We now therefore adhere to their motto: 

Segway: After filling our happy tummies with Tacos, we also enjoyed a quick walk around the beautiful Streetsville where we were greeted with colorful flowers. Indeed, a very relaxing sight!

He had to kneel to take this angle. Good job boyfriend! Peace!

My face when he doesn't take good shots. Lol.

Trivia: The world’s most expensive taco cost a whopping $25,000. This super-duper deluxe taco made with Kobe beef, beluga caviar and served on a gold flaked taco. (Sourced)

That's all for now. Till our next food adventure! :D


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