The Gift of Today

Just when we were nearing the end of 2019, most of us were overwhelmed with goals or new year's resolutions. Some had an insatiable thirst to achieve something. We go in circles in the hustle and bustle of life day in and day out. Some of us have forgotten how to truly live.

Today, we take this chance to pause and reflect on what is valuable to us - what is worth our time. We relish every moment that we are able to breathe normally, we have food on our table and we are able to spend time with our loved ones in safe proximity.

In just 3 months, notice the drastic changes around the world and the paradigm shift for most of us.

May we come to a deeper appreciation of a reassuring hug, a consoling pat on the shoulder, a friendly handshake, a kiss, a fist bump, being able to talk right next to each other, a close meaningful interaction, or even maybe the commute going to work - all the little things that are often taken for granted.

We may be uncertain of how things will turn out to be but we could only hope to make best use of our time and be grateful for every little blessing that comes with each new day. 


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