NOW is the Time!

Monday, April 13, 2020

These days feel like "life" is put on hold. The world just went in slow motion mode. If I were to imagine it in movies, it is as if a humongous spacecraft had covered the whole horizon like that in the 'Independence Day' and we all await in horror for the world invasion of the ugly COVID 19 aliens. Sadly, it is not a movie. I wish it was. It is reality unfolding before our very eyes. Everyone is anxiously waiting. Oh the agony of waiting for reunion of families,  friends and communities separated by the quarantine restrictions, reinstatement of jobs, healing and recovery of the sick, discovery of the treatment or vaccine, the return to what used to be the "normal way of things", the end of this pandemic.

Yet amidst this apparent bleak situation, we also welcome new life each day as babies are conceived and born, celebrate unlimited time of togetherness for families at home, forge stronger bonds with our loved ones, reconnect with friends we have not spoken to for years (courtesy of technology!), expand our capacity to care for and love others, enjoy the discovery and rediscovery of one's passion (I bet at the end of this quarantine, one may end up resigning from his boring office job to finally pursue becoming a baker, a chef or an aspiring actor/dancer - thanks to tiktok and IG apps!). 

Finally, we now have time to pause and ponder on the important things we have been putting aside before as we just got dragged into the hustle and bustle of our daily grind. You now have the time to tick that dusty item off your New Year's Resolution list, to gather the courage to patch up relationships or finally commit to one or decide to take it to the next level or to write your first novel or to plan your dream vacation. You can also take this time to help others in need - all the more the world calls for heroes these days. 

NOW is the time to do something WORTHWHILE. Make best use of this time. With the recent rapid changes in the world, we are reminded that Life is fleeting and thus each waking moment is indeed a Gift to behold. Do not just live another day. Make TODAY count.

P.S. I chose this photo because it reminded me of how serene it can be when we see things through the lens of positivity.

Take care and stay safe everyone!

"It is Finished"

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Over a month ago, we entered into the season of Lent and it was also about the same time that we started getting alarmed by the rapidly growing cases caused by the COVID 19 virus. 2 weeks thereafter, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it as a Global Pandemic. And the next thing we heard, we all need to stay at home and we are precluded from going about our normal social activities. Slowly thereafter non-essential businesses shut down, a number of people lost their jobs while others had to be in difficult vulnerable situations to aid those who are in need.

In a span of 1 and a half months, we all have become witnesses to the drastic significant changes that took place in the lives of many. While sadly many may no longer even see the end of this, most of us are left in this whole bubble of anxieties and uncertainties. 

I personally do not watch the news as often anymore. It breaks my heart to see tremendous suffering and sorrow around the world. I cry as I get so deeply affected by everything that has been happening. And these days, I have turned my bedroom into a "War Room" where in the midst of my own anxieties and fears, I fought through prayers, imploring fervently for protection for everyone I love and care for and for help for everyone who is suffering during these times. 

Today is Palm Sunday and is the start of the Holy Week. I felt blessed and touched by Fr Mike Schmitz's homily in the online mass. He reminded me that before we ever experienced this great suffering in our lifetime, Jesus already suffered tremendously. He bore all the humiliations, every scourging, the piercing of the nails into his body, the weight of the cross, all that he had to go through to pay the price of our salvation. And his last words hit me to the core, "It is finished." 

While I believe Jesus did not need me to suffer with him, I take my own present tribulations as my redemptive meaningful suffering to share in His Passion. With His grace, I am able to look past the uncertainties and difficulties and embrace each day as Jesus' personal gift to me. 

And through the promise of His glorious resurrection comes my hope that we will be able to rise up from all these sufferings. These too shall pass. In Jesus' name. Amen. 

Stay safe everyone and may God bless us all!

Here is the link to today's online mass: