Choosing your own Path and Pace

I have been very lucky to work with great talents and sometimes I wondered how these kids nowadays are a lot smarter than probably the young adults during my time. I really am impressed by their great dedication and commitment to their works. 

Today I had the opportune time to speak with my young colleague in the team about how he envisions his career trajectory will be and what his aspiration is. And I am just blown away by the depth and sincerity of this young man. He said while his peers may be focused on obtaining promotion or higher title, he just wants to really be constantly improving himself and those recognitions are just bonus since more often than not, they are beyond his control. He shared this with me remembering what I told him on his probation chat. I encouraged him then to "Stay hungry, stay foolish". And I was surprised that he took every word I said to heart. He recollected that he wasn't confident during the first interview he had which I was a part of. He reminded me of what I told his friend about it that we were not hiring public speakers but diligent accountants and that he was grateful for the confidence and trust we placed upon him.

I remember my young self in him. I shared with him my own mantra in my work life. I aim to keep improving myself, I am competing with my last best performance. I try as much not to compete with peers because everyone has different measures of success and pace in our journey. Fast doesn't mean better. It took me 11.5 years and a company who invested in my potentials before I reached my position now. It is not so much about the title, it is how many people I was able touch all these years in whatever capacity I was in. I was able to prove to myself that I am capable of doing and contributing so much more impact than where I used to be. I can only control my own trajectory and course of actions. If I fell into the pit of comparing myself with others, I may have lost track of my own journey. I will go with my own pace and compass in navigating my way through my own definition of success. Timing is key. It may take years but all my hard work and dedication paid off. 

Ultimately you got the steering wheel of your ride through life. Do you and do what is best for you whenever you deem it timely. You got your own unique path. Appreciate your journey, make the most out of every moment you have.


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