Creating a Healthy Habit

Developing a habit takes tons of will power and efforts. It entails mind and body conditioning to commit to it. 

I have just recently started a new routine that I am hoping will help me achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. I am actually on my 3rd today. Yey!

I wake up at 8 am to do my 30-min yoga session with Julia. I noticed the stretching helps me with my lower back problem slowly easing my chronic pain. 

Then I would take my shower while heating up the water for my coffee. (Yes! I don't have the fancy Nespresso coffee machine. I wish! LOL) I am trying this Vibrant coffee now that has Collagen and Garcinia Cambogia plus it uses stevia as sweetener so I am happy I don't have to worry about my pre-diabetic restrictions. I also restarted IF and keto diet as my fiancĂ©e and I inspire each other to lose weight to prepare for our upcoming wedding. It thus helps a lot having someone to journey with and encourage you along the way.
And just before starting my day at work I do my reflection and rosary. I must say I am feeling more calm and positive throughout the day.

In the afternoon, just after logging off from work, I also take my quiet walk at the park across my apartment. It is always something I look forward to each day. With many flowers blooming this time, the place just simply warms my heart.

After my healthy dinner, usually a salad, I spend sometime writing short journals here. A friend recently inspired me to reignite my passion for blogging. Dee was the one who helped me start this whole journey so here I am following her lead again. 

I hope to see the fruits of my efforts and dedication soon. I just got to keep going. Wish me luck! :)


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