Guilt-free Self-love Day :)

It's funny how when you're with a friend who has the same thoughts about spending as you have and you can finally go to downtown after a long agonizing lockdown - you could almost care less about whatever way you want to treat yourself.

So today Mildred and I booked ourselves a massage at Spa Diva where I got a gift certificate - thanks to our boss! It was the much needed deep tissue recovery massage after the 17km cycling yesterday. I love this place coz I got my own room with private shower inside, security vault, water, robe and a pair slippers. Before COVID, clients can also enjoy relaxing at the common lounge with a sip of hot tea or cold beverage of your choice. 

Afterwards, we proceeded to have a foot spa as if we have never had enough of pampering already! It was so nice and relaxing. I went for a dark red nail color so my tiny hands at least look like that of an adult's. LOL.

Right across the nail salon was a perfume shop where each of us got our new bottle of perfume. I like my new scent from YSL - it smells so good on me the longer it stays on my skin. 

Then we walked past the Little Burgundy shop and Mildred said she had wanted to buy a pair of Birkenstock slippers. And of course, we both instantly got our new pairs. Just funny how we can easily convince each other? Insert face-palm here. Not a good idea to be together, eh?! Well, if anything, it's of superior quality and it offers utmost comfort which is what we need in a country with only 3 months of summer! LOL.

Our last stop was to get us some good food to eat. Mildred got herself some sushi while I got my dinner at Mandy's. I ordered The Wolfe with Tofu. It was so filling for me. I love that even though I am trying to eat healthy, I also actually enjoy the taste of my food.

Overall, this is my kind of day of pampering! I just have to remind myself that I work hard so it shouldn't hurt to treat myself once in a while. :)

St James United Church along St Catherine street


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