It's more fun biking through Montreal!

So as I wrote in my earlier blog that I am getting married to my fiancée Roberto who is based in Ontario. With this came the important decision to move back to Toronto after almost 1.5 years of working and living here.  And I promised myself to spend my last days here enjoying Montreal. 

Of course I will miss Montreal and all of what the city has to offer namely, scenery, food and "the vibe". And because it has been a year since the lockdown and the restrictions just started to ease, I decided along with my friends Mildred and JP to explore Montreal today via Bixi bike. 

One of the nice things here in the city is that you can see a lot places having bike paths and lanes so people get to enjoy biking around the city plus it is very convenient having a lot of Bixi bike stations where you can easily rent from by just downloading their app. For our trip today, it took us more than 1 hour and 17km for a charge of $8.40. Not bad right? We went from La Fontaine Park to Atwater Market and the view in between is worth-it. 

I definitely recommend to all of you who are here in Montreal to bike around the city. It is more fun! :)

Here is a short summary of our adventure. 


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