Let's pretend we're dancing in the street in Barcelona!

I know y 'all singing Ed Sheeran's song in your head right now. :)

I remember exactly 2 years ago when I had my trip to Spain and Portugal. It was a 15-day trip with my good friend Carrie that started in Barcelona.  

Barcelona has a lot of beautiful architectural structures to showcase not to forget the amazing food! Thanks to the brilliant artistry of Antoni Gaudi for creating these magnificent landmarks which made Barcelona so famous to this day. I just also learned during the trip about the sad ending of his life. He was run down by a tram and he lost consciousness. The chaplain at the Sagrada Familia only recognized the beggar as Antoni Gaudi the day after the accident. He died 2 days later. Until now, Sagrada Familia remains to be his most popular work and the largest unfinished basilica. It is still currently in progress and anticipated to be completed in 2026 - a century later after his death.

Here are the highlights of my trip. :)



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