A Team I call my Family

Today I bade goodbye to a team that I call my family. It was a short and sweet journey I shared with them but one that I will truly cherish and will remain close to my heart.

The day started with my team surprising me with their individual well wishes followed by another surprise in the afternoon given by my boss which seriously altogether felt more than receiving an Oscar's award, it was more like hearing a eulogy for lack of a better word. All of them were extremely generous and kind in their words of appreciation and best wishes that I felt so overwhelmed I needed to take a walk to absorb it all in. I am truly humbled and honored to know I have made an impact on each one of them.

It has been the most challenging of all the roles I held in my career but it was by far the most rewarding, actually witnessing and knowing how I made an impact in the people around me and how my connection with them also helped me become a better leader and more importantly, a better person. I would say it has been the pinnacle of my 13 years in this industry. 

It is funny how while I was in my role, I have always felt like a mother caring for my children, rallying for them and guiding them until they can safely go into the wild on their own. I never thought that my simple gestures of checking on the team will be remembered and appreciated. You know when you do things like your second nature, you don't even think they can make a difference to another person. 

I realized today that at the end of each chapter in my journey, more than the value-adding lessons I learned for myself, it is the meaningful connections I have forged with people I crossed path with that I take away as my greatest reward of all. 

When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a lawyer to defend the causes of the oppressed or a doctor to save lives - I wanted to help directly and make a significant difference on people's lives. Today, I also realized I didn't need to be someone else. Anyone can make that difference in whatever role or capacity - it takes empathy and care for others to make a world a better place for at least 1 person. 

I do believe that God placed me in this path for a reason and I am just grateful for all the love and support from my team. Without them, I cannot imagine how my life away from my family would have been, more so during the lockdown period.

This is just the beginning of long term friendships for sure. And to this, I say thanks to my family and see you again! :)


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