How to survive in a LDR

Today marks the end of our 1.5 years of long distance relationship and the start of our life together FOREVER!

It was not something easy to go through but I am glad we did because it gave us both a new perspective about our relationship and our individual persons. 

We were about 2 years into the relationship when I had to move to Montreal for work. Rob is an introvert so it was easier for him to adapt and adjust with the set-up. On the other hand, I found it hard to cope with the distance especially during the lockdown when we weren't able to see each other for 5 months. 

Thank God we managed to survive and thrive amidst the distance and challenges during the past year and a half. And here's how:

1. We were both willing to make it work. We made a decision to try our best to be there for each other best way we could. 

2. We both met each other half way. While Rob values his alone time, I, on the other hand feels love all the more by him spending time with me. With this, we made sure we allot time to spend with each other everyday, either via text or call or just even leaving a voicemail. We still made ways to let each other be a part of our best and even worst days.

3. We were committed and creative in finding ways to stay connected. You know how they say when someone wants to stay in your life, nothing can keep them away. And that proved to be true for us because we were able to exhaust all ways we could possibly think we could stay connected. We watched our favorite shows or movies together while on video call to simulate us watching together in 1 place. We also send each other ubereats when 1 needs upliftment through our shared passion for food. We cooked together while on video call. There are so many ways if you just think about it.

4. We just never gave up. It can really get challenging at times not having your partner near you all the time. Like when I had to go to the emergency room by myself and the only comfort I had was coming from a screen. And when Rob too needed me the most I knew I had to be on the earliest train I can get to be with him the soonest possible time

5. We took this time apart to discern about our relationship and how we would move forward. While distance for some people had them grow apart, for us we wanted to be together all the more. If anything, it was even a blessing to realize we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and never be apart again, ever. And I am giggling as I am writing this part. :)

So there is no secret to a successful relationship even in long distance set-up. The basic concept of a relationship is having 2 people committed on constantly choosing each other and never giving up on each other.

To this, I say good luck to everyone of you and I hope you learn to choose love above all.


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