What to let go and what to keep?

I have been very busy these days packing  my stuff, old and new ones I accumulated over this last 1.5 years here in Montreal. And I am just suprised to realize half of the clothes on my closet have tags on them and half of them do not fit me anymore. LOL.

And because I have to optimize the space in the new place, I had to let go of 1/3 of my stuff. The good thing is I am not someone who attaches himself to material things. I do not have emotional attachment to stuff except if they are given to me by loved ones.

Here are my considerations for this process:

1. Does this dress make me feel good and comfortable in my own skin?

2. If I grow bigger in a year's time, will this cloth fit me still?

3. How many times have I been able to wear this so far?

4. How many different occasions can I wear this with? 

5. Will someone else be able to wear it and benefit more from it if I donate or give it away?

So yes, if I get at least 3 decent answers to the questions above, I get to keep them. 

It is just like choosing the people and circumstances worth keeping and accepting in your life and those you are good to let go and live without. 

It just gives you more chance at happiness this way.


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