Be still my mind

I do not know about you guys but I often find it hard to keep my mind still. Sometimes I worry over the littlest of things - more often than others I guess - like something could go wrong.

And whenever this occurs, I kind of know why it is happening to me. It is most often because I tend to either expect the worst in a situation or that I cannot let go of my control over the situation. 

Growing up as a breadwinner in the family, I needed to be strong and resourceful through all circumstances especially during difficult times. I constantly worry about something, e.g. what to do because the electric bill is due tomorrow, where to get the money to pay for my brother's tuition - his exam is next week or how to come up with the amount that is needed for my mom's operation. This forced me to adopt a mechanism to help me come up with solutions for the worst-case scenarios - like I am wired this way - always on the active thinking mode. And there were times that I did not have the answer to our problems. That's when I felt defeated and helpless. Because I felt all the weight was on me and therefore I have to fix and provide everything.

Fast forward to today, I am no longer in that position but I still feel a sense of being worried  about anything always. I mean it is normal to worry about something - we all go through our daily life with gazillion of things in mind. I could just be worrying a little too much maybe.

Erma Bombeck was indeed right in saying that "worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere."

I wrote the below reminders to myself and perhaps these may help you as well:

1. I am strong and able. I got this! 
2. Everything has its own time. Let tomorrow worry for itself. Stay present. Be in the moment.
3. I am a beloved child of God. My God is with me.

Also, I have to remember that all these battles are happening in my mind and that like what experts say, one needs to find ways to victoriously fight these battles or even prevent them from starting like being aware of the trigger points, doing mindful breathing exercises and pursuing a hobby or an activity that helps keep one's mind calm (yoga, taking a walk, drawing, writing, etc.) 

At this point in my blog, I am actually able to regain my calmness. So this is one of my ways of combating worries or anxieties. It is a conscious effort indeed. I hope you find yours too. We got this. :)


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