2021 - My Most Favorite Year so far

Into the second year of this COVID 19 pandemic, 2021 could have ended just the same as the past year with the restrictions and limitations except that thankfully, it didn't. Well, it was challenging to say at the very least, but for those of you who know me, I always gravitate towards celebrating my blessings more. 

2021 started off with my fiancé then, Rob asking my sister for my hand in marriage. Now you can guess what this year was all about. :)

Early into the new year, I began to experience severe abdominal pain and constant fatigue. I was in and out of the hospital in Montreal, bringing myself to the ER during curfew. It went on for 3 months as I couldn't find a specialist to look after my condition. Then in May I went to Toronto to see my previous doctor and then I was diagnosed with endometriosis. This was turning point for me to decide to move back to Ontario for good. 

Just about this time too, Rob popped the question and we got officially engaged. Yey!  Then 2 days after that, I was back in the hospital for difficulty in breathing. He literally took my breath away! :D

In June, I bade good bye to a the charming city of Montreal and said hello again to Mississauga. While I was preparing myself to focus on my health and rest, a job offer came knocking on my door. It was from an Asset Management company, something that I have always been interested to work for before. I admit, I was worried of not having a job while preparing for a wedding. God provides indeed as He knows we would need additional help from my job. But it wasn't an easy transition I figured. In the midst of my struggles with my health condition, stress from wedding preparation, I was also managing my challenges from my new job. Thank God for the grace, I am able to get through the first 6 months. 

As soon as I started to work again, time just went by so fast. Before I knew it, our wedding drew near. Having my mom at our wedding was a sweet answered prayer! Amidst the looming worsening COVID situation, we were able to host our wedding with the our loved ones present. I am grateful for everyone who showed up to be with us in person and via online. Our wedding is by far my most favorite memory of 2021. It just brought back a lot of memories from my own journey while I waited for my husband up to the journey I shared with Rob leading up to that beautiful day. God is faithful indeed! He makes all things beautiful in His perfect time. :) 

Sadly, this year we also lost loved ones. I lost a dear friend, Ronald. It reminded me that life is short and death is real and certain. I wish to offer a prayer for the loved ones we lost this year. 

And as I am trying to peacefully say goodbye to 2021, of course, this year gave me a parting gift to remember - COVID. Praying for continuous healing and recovery for me and for all those who are suffering. Please stay safe everyone! You would rather want to welcome the new year healthy. Have a blessed 2022!


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