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Hello! Welcome to my sanctuary! :)

My Family calls me "Love". My mom once told me that my birth brought more love to the family, hence my name. And as far back as my memory takes me, Love has always been my word. Thus, I decided to have it as my 
site's theme.

I am a lover of Life, Faith and Love itself. I believe that life is a tapestry of a series of events, good and bad all woven to form a masterpiece. And that masterpiece is You, Me, Us. 

My passions in life, amongst others, include writing. I started writing stories in my notebooks when I was 8 years old. Somehow, I had the inspiration to write love stories at such a tender age. Little did I know that my personal love story will be the reason for me to put up this thing here some 2 decades later. 

A close friend of mine suggested that I create my own site and share my journey in love through a live journal. She inspired me a lot to embrace and nurture my gift in writing. Now, I am more empowered to write about my life's many blessings and adventures. I wish to use my personal journey to inspire and make a difference, one blog post at a time.  

My other interests include Photography, Traveling, Fashion, Dancing and Singing. So you may notice my blog posts, more or less, revolve around them. But primarily, this is all about LOVE. It underlies all that I do and write here. Overall, I dedicate this blog site to the Love of my Life, which includes my God, my family and all the people who inspire me to become a better person.

Hope you may find something in here to inspire you, make you smile or make you love life all the more.

God bless you all! :)

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P.S. Forgive me if I ever make any grammatical lapses, blunders whatsoever. Bloggers are not infallible beings. Though, I go berserk whenever I read back and discover them. >.<

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