My Shots at Life

Photography is my 3rd Passion. 

Here are some of my Photo Journals:

 - > I call the Shots - Photography (my 3rd Passion)

Some of my personal choices among my shots in the last few years... I see photography as my little way of showcasing God's wonderful creations, if my photos would even give justice to them...

- > PHOTOGRAPHY: the Psychology behind Photos

Each photo tells a story...

- > Black and White Photography

I love to put dramatic effect into my captured images. And to achieve this, I usually resort to Black and White Photography!

- > Life's a Beach

This is how much I love the beach life...

- > Flowers are Blessings (my Favorite Subject of Photography)

Flowers are few of my favorite subjects...

- > Sasha Fierce (Throwback)

This was the first time (and probably the only time. Haha.) I was asked to be the subject of a photo shoot by my fraternity sister in law school. I dared to flaunt my Sasha Fierce side just for the poses. The theme speaks of the fierce warrior within me. 


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